Monthly Archives: September 2009

Ad Break

I’m not remotely interested in grooming. When I open that free magazine Shortlist and see pages of male hair products (or football) my brain goes somewhere else. I also hate shaving cream because it dries out my skin. However my friend Carmelo invented a new moisturizing shave oil, and now I can’t use anything else. […]

New eReader Concept

Mike Cane sends me details of a new prototype eReader from Asus that comes in different sizes and is full colour. So, are we meant to have one at home, one for the office, another for the train? It’s getting silly now. I recently took one on a flight, but we weren’t allowed to use […]

Compo Time!

This just in from Nicola Budd at Chalke Authors: Win a Signed & Dedicated copy of Christopher Fowler’s new hardback crime novel, ‘Bryant & May On The Loose.’ Question. If you could take just one crime novel to prison, what would it be – and why? Our favourite answer will win copy. Entries in by […]

The Stuff On Bryant’s Bookshelves

Thank You For Julie

Further to the post below, we have Keith Waterhouse and John Schlesinger to thank for the miraculous Julie Christie, swinging around a corner in Billy Liar – was ever a girl given such a carefree entrance into a film career as this?

Keith Waterhouse Dies

One of my great heroes, Keith Waterhouse, the creator of Billy Liar, died at home today, aged 80. Billy Liar is the UK’s Catcher In The Rye, a tour-de-force with a still-startling punchline. A massive success, the book spawned a sequel, a hit film, a TV series and even a stage musical with a score […]

The 31-Second Apple Store Robbery

What I find astonishing about this is the utterly irresponsible reporting of the crime. Apart from showing would-be criminals how to do it, the excited and admiring tone of the voiceover almost had me wanting to carry out a similar attack.

One For The Kiddies

I spotted this product on a US website (photographed in a store) and can’t begin to describe how wrong it is. Someone tell me it’s not true.

Today’s Question: How Harmful Is Piracy?

More and more I hear kids say ‘I’ll watch it on Pirate’, as if this was a brand. Around the world, largely at the instigation of the studios, campaigns against film piracy are being waged – but how effective are they, and is it quite the threat we’ve been led to believe? Today comes a […]

The Maps Are Up!

The Bryant & May London (and beyond) maps are now up and running on the right hand side of your screen. Check ’em out, report mistakes, lodge complaints etc.