The Sixties Didn’t Just Swing


The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are remembered as the driving force of the sixties, but there were also a lot of folk singers around, and I just stumbled across the title tracks for two forgotten movies from that period, both about highwaymen from earlier times. A very young John Hurt played robber Davey Haggart and Tommy Steele (!) played Jack Sheppard. The tracks are modern but set the tone for two fairly downbeat films very well. The second track has been disabled from embedding but can be found at


2 comments on “The Sixties Didn’t Just Swing”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    Ms Otharim sounds a bit like Sandy Denny / Fairport Convention with a solid orchestra thumping away behind them.

    Speaking of whom… There was a nice article in Mojo Magazine in June (details here). In addition to a free CD that had a selection of folk songs from the late-60s and early-70s, there’s a wonderful article about the start of Island Records and another equally wonderful piece about that label’s Wunderkind of inner-sight Nick Drake. Worth digging up.

  2. Adam Siviter says:

    Speaking of the Fairport Convention connection, ex-Fairport Richard Thompson wrote a fantastic song called ‘The sights and sounds of London town’ a few years ago, which looks at the lives of various disparate Londoners across the decades. Always puts me in mind of Mr Fowler’s work….!

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