Cricket: Incomprehensible But Divine

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I’ve always been a big Neil Hannon fan. The Divine Comedy’s shows aren’t much live – just Neil at a keyboard – but there has always been a touch of Victorian cabaret in his music, and his quirky songs are unique, even though they’re ‘a bit last decade’ and ‘dad music’ (according to websites). He’s always been a minority taste – like nearly all my tastes – but who cares when the music’s good? I’ve only downloaded the video element because I had trouble embedding the track alone.

Hannon’s latest side-project is even less fashionable – an entire album themed around the subject of cricket. Under the banner of ‘The Duckworth Lewis Method’, he’s turned out a clutch of catchy numbers based around the least comprehensible game in the world (even to this Englishman). But the music’s lovely. And he follows a strong Britpop line of such albums like ‘The Village Green Preservation Society’ and ‘The Imagined Village’.


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  1. Vickie Farrar says:

    Surely you must also be fond of early Harry Nilsson music if are a Neil Hannon fan. Listening to samples from the rest of the Duckworth Lewis Method on made me particularly recall Harry’s “Good Old Desk” (it is the album Hilsson – Aerial Ballet). Thank you for your daily musings…they make my day!

  2. Evelyn Sawyer says:

    Hooray! Another Duckworth Lewis Method fan! My husband bought the album because he loves cricket and it was highly recommended in some cricket mag or other. I stole it off him because I love Neil Hannon. We are both happy.

  3. I.A.M. says:

    Is it merely that it sounds like another entirely different tune, or has “Tonight We Fly” been covered by someone / was it someone else’s originally? It seems familiar, but the arrangement’s not matching the memory.

    Granted, “Meeting Mr. Meendad” sounds like a large amount of George Harrison / Beatles / Brit-pop-music. So…

  4. Thomas Walsh says:

    Thank you Christopher so much. I’m honoured you like myself and Neil’s little fun project that could (or would? Or something like that..)

    Cheers mate – DuckworThomas.x

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