The Human Face Of Housing


The Haggerston Estate in Hackney is being pulled down, and as each of the tenants leave their faces are appearing in the windows of the building instead of the usual blank boards. The project is changing perceptions about a place that would usually be a scene of dereliction.
The derogatory comments of passersby had been wounding. “I remember stopping people and asking who they thought lived here,” said one tenant. “Almost all said ‘social cases’. That’s the stereotype of places like this.” But she pointed at photographs. “He’s an engineering student, she’s a theatre director. These portraits humanise a building that lots of people make negative assumptions about.”hackney

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  1. noonski says:

    What a terrific thing to do! We so often make assumptions and judgments about people simply because of where they live, what their neighborhood and home looks like. Somehow, the fact that they are the ‘other’ and not the ‘us’ or ‘we’ blinds us to the fact that ultimately ‘we’ includes everyone.

    If all the window end up with photos, I hope you post it. Would love to see. It looks like such a diverse group of people who lived there.

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