How long does it take to get from Chronic Grass to Written Mess?


An addendum to the piece below: In the spirit of Little-England officialdom that used to exist in the postwar years, the infamously litigious Transport for London has always proven hilariously adept at creating its own PR disasters by banning any other versions of its maps. One version was a charming anagram map of the London Underground created in a spirit of respect and good natured fun.anagramtubemap These silly maps can of course still be found all over the internet, a point which seems to have passed by TfL.

4 comments on “How long does it take to get from Chronic Grass to Written Mess?”

  1. J. Goff says:

    Will Bryant and May work on the Leicester Square vampire case in a future book?
    Thank You

  2. admin says:

    Already covered, in Ten Second Staircase…

  3. J. Folgard says:

    Fun post! I wonder if the Paris Metropolitan has the same kind of thing going. As always: you Brits!

  4. David Read says:

    What about the Deptford Demon… preferably causing havoc at the Laban dance university or whatever it is….

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