The Stuff On Bryant’s Bookshelves

Bryant and May

bible-cure-irritable-bowel-syndrome-don-colbertbig-book-lesbian-horse-stories”people-who-dont-know-they-are-dead-gary-leon-hill” There’s a running gag… …throughout the Bryant & May novels about the bizarre reference books Mr Bryant stores on his bookshelves. Well, Ian Alexander Martin of Atomic Fez publishing has kindly compiled (clearly for his own amusement) a complete list of the rubbish Mr Bryant has been keeping behind his desk throughout the series. Here it is, although I have no idea what you’re supposed to do with the information.
Common Folk Remedies
A Comprehensive History of Occult Practices
The Complete Mythology of the British Isles
The Everyman Book of Wartime First Aid (with bookmarks, including an haddock bone)
Unnatural Vices — Their Causes and Cures
The Third Sex
Fifty Thrifty Cheese Recipes
Nachtkultur and Metatropism
How to Spot German and Italian Aircraft
A picture of a beautiful, yet melancholic, woman looking out across the Thames at sunset
A sepia print of crazy-looking old lady, Bryant’s grandmother
Whither Wicca? The Future of Pagan Cults
Apocryphal Books of the Dead
A framed photograph of Nathalie (taken the day she died)
A hand-carved Tibetan skull
Incense sticks
Mystical diagrams of Solomon’s Temple
Beeswax candles
A gramophone record of Sir Arthur Sullivan’s Te Deum
Criminal records from Newgate Gaol (two volumes of)
A bronze of the Kabalistic Pentagram of the Absolute (modelled in three dimensions)
Seymour’s British Witchcraft and Demonology (rare, limited edition)
RAF Slang Made Easy (paperback edition)
The East Anglican Book of Civil Magicke
The collected essays of G.K. Chesterton
A privately circulated volume entitled Gardening Secrets of Curates’ Wives.
Malleus Maleficorum
The Oxford Handbook of Criminology (first edition)
Mayhew’s London Characters and Crooks
J.R. Hanslet’s All of Them Witches
Deitleff’s Psychic Experience in the Weimar Republic
Fifty Thrifty Cheese Recipes (obviously a favourite, as it was in Bow Street in 1940)
Brackleson’s Stoat-Breeding for Intermediates
A programme from the Palace Theatre production of Orphée aux enfers
The Luddite’s Guide to the Internet
A copy of a book on Chaos Theory, written by Arthur
Statuettes of Gog and Magog
Assorted voodoo dolls
Several books with reeking, singed covers rescued by conflagration at the start of Full Dark House
Some odoriferous plants tangled in an earthenware pot (tannis root, probably; marijuaña, certainly)
Ancient Dansette® record player with LP of Mendelssohn’s Elijah
Newspaper clippings
Half-eaten egg-and-beetroot sandwich (dripping onto item below)
Stack of computer disks, un-cased
Dental Evidence in Body Identification (Volume One: Bridgework)
The Vanished Rivers of London
The Mammoth Book of Druid Lore
The Life of Thomas Chatterton
Great Boiler Explosions
The British Catalogue of Victorian Naval Signals
The Fall of Jonathan Wild, Thief-Taker
A number of disturbing books on the subject of tribal scarification
London’s Most Notorious Highwaymen
An ordinance survey map published in 1907
Malleus Maleficarum (The Witches’ Hammer), in the 1486 edition
A Tibetan skull lined in chased-silver, oozing rank-smelling algæ from its brain pan
Wax from a pair of wonky black candles (which belonged to a satanic cult), their wax dripping to the title named next
The East Anglia Witches: An Investigation into the Nature of Evil
The 1645 Omens of the Apocalypse
Grow Your Own Hemp
The Beano Christmas Annual, 1968
A drawing of a fractal pentagram with a Scraperboard print of a goat’s head, signed “To Arthur – Happy Winter Solstice, love Maggie”
Needlepoint sampler “The Greatest Secrets Are Hidden in Plain Sight”; stitched in gratitude by the Oregon Ladies’ Sewing Bee
Victorian Water Closets: A Social History
Sumerian Religious Beliefs and Legends
Colonic Exercises for Asthmatics
The Adventures of Captain Marvel
Mend Your Own Pipes
The Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe
Pornography and Paganism
Courtship Rituals of Papua New Guinea
Code-Breaking in Braille
A History of Vivisection
The Secret History of London’s Public Houses
Yoruba Proverbs
The Anatomy of Melancholia
Embalming Under Lenin
Cormorant-Sexing for Beginners
The Apocalypsis Revelata, Volume II
A Complete History of the Trouser-Press
Financial Accounts for the Swedish Mining Board, Years 1745–53
Religious Philosophers of the Eighteenth Century
A handful of pipe-cleaners
A Chairman Mao alarm clock
A collection of plastic snowstorms
A bottle of absinthe
A copy of Letts Schoolboy Diary
A pamphlet on “Methodical Anticipation” detection process, written by Arthur.
Signs of the Times: A Guide to London Names
English Symbols
The Secret Language of Codes
Urban Semiotics
An Informal History of the Black Death

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  1. J. Folgard says:

    I love how this seemingly semi-random stuff helps defining good ol’Arthur from one novel to another. I hope we’ll keep seeing things like “Cormorant-Sexing for Beginners”! -shudder-

  2. What template do you use in your weblog ? Appears to be like cool:)

  3. admin says:

    Ah, it’s not a template – we built it…

  4. Ken Shinn says:

    Let’s not forget that he’s also reading Batman at one stage in “Darkest Day”, although it’s unclear whether these are comics or collected editions…

  5. I always believed wicca a very unique religion. I love the idea of not establishing any “set” way of practicing. Also you’re able to observe by yourself or in any sized group.

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