London Metropolitan Police Museum Opens


Okay, it’s tiny and far short of what London’s mayor, Boris ‘Invisible Man’ Johnson, promised the city, but it’s a start. Six cases hardly cover nearly two centuries of policing in London, from nineteenth-century cutlasses to the uniform Jack Warner wore for ‘Dixon Of Dock Green’. It’s in West Brompton and takes about a quarter of an hour to do. It’s the first time the Met has put stuff from their vast archive on display since the 1960s. They’re going to rotate the displays, so the exhibits should change regularly. The Met Collection is at the Empress State Building, Empress Approach, Lillie Road, SW6 1TR.

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    This might be worth investigating … get it…? ‘investigating’…?

    Sounds a bit light on the information, though. Still, it’s early days and more could be made of it if there’s private funding and a will to develop it. Look at what the Vancouver Police Museum has achieved in only 80 years: I’d guarantee a good hour or more of wandering its limited area plus a walking tour of at least 30 minutes would leave one desiring more, due to the fact the material was so fascinating that one’s interest was only piqued by the experience.

  2. Dear Sirs

    I have a group of American students who would like to vist the Metropolitan Police Museum

    Can you pls let me know hwo to book a visit ???
    Thak you
    Marina Pedemote
    Office: 020 9758 2124

  3. admin says:

    I would suggest entering the address in the article on Google maps and getting their direct line.

  4. HI,
    I would like to trace a retired policeman – Metropolitan Police Probably A-Division. All i have is a photograph of him and me at the coronation 1953 – I was 18 months – he was about 30. Back page of the Daily Sketch Coronation issue. I do have his badge number.

    I Don’t know where to start…….. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

    Peter Connery

  5. Paul Sanderson says:

    The Traffic Police garage at Aitken Road, Catford/Bellingham near the bus garage (NB: not the police station) used to have a load of historical stuff collected and cared for by Sgt Ray Seal, including half-a-dozen historic police cars (actual and replicas) and motorcycles. That was in the mid-’80s. Sgt Seal still had his copper duties to attend to, so it was all a bit ‘in his spare time’ and you could only see it in groups by appointment. What happened to all that stuff?

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