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Beyond Free Speech

Said I wouldn’t post more on this subject but I find it extraordinary. Every democracy needs informed debate and protest, but this falls into disinformation, slander and thinly veiled racism. It’s not even just about politics anymore. From the Guardian: ‘The health debate in the US is taking an ugly turn with Barack Obama and […]

They’re Baaaaack!

After EC Comics reprinted their full series in hardback form I thought I’d died and gone to Heaven. Now Warren is similarly republishing the early runs of Eerie and Creepy magazines in hardback. The issues have superior artwork but suffer from generally weak storylines, probably because Archie Goodwin had to write every single one. Even […]

Grisly Murder!

Books In Black And White

Bloomsbury Books have had their knuckles rapped over their decision to feature a white girl on a book with a black heroine. Australian author Justine Larbalestier has won a fight with her American publishers to feature a black girl on the cover of her novel, but I have to say that the new cover model […]

Gone But Not Forgotten

With the further reduction of the Independent On Sunday’s arts coverage (now down to a couple of pages mostly consisting of big photos) there’s no room for ‘Forgotten Authors’, my column which finds out what happened to once-popular authors and why they went missing from bookshelves. I’ll happily continue it here if there’s enough interest.

Tips On Reading The Bryant & May Novels

News reaches me from Kate Miciak, my tireless New York editor, that ‘Full Dark House’, Mr Bryant and Mr May’s first outing, has just gone into its fourth reprint. While I’m pleased, I’m also a bit puzzled by readers who always start at the beginning of the series, especially when the book is not representative […]

Director John Hughes dies at 59

Hidden London: Leadenhall Market

This counts as hidden because most Londoners are barely aware that it’s even there. It’s a bugger to find, and not a place that’s naturally stored in the memory, probably because it’s rather a dead spot, lacking in atmosphere since the stock exchange boys stopped running through it in their colour-coded jackets. Now it’s like […]

Hillbilly Home Truths

Things The Next Generation Of Kids Won’t Remember

There’s a fun list of things kids won’t remember on the Wired site here that include Spam when it was just a meat product, typewriters, not knowing who’s phoning you, neat handwriting and sending film away to be processed. I feel like I’ve already comprehensively added to the list with everything that’s in my memoir […]