What Women Want To Read


Dumb blonde

Back to perusing the papers, and as someone who remembers (and marched) on many equality and equal-opportunity protests for women’s rights, I note the main headlines for the ever-more-popular Daily Mail, whose lead Femail stories are:
An interview with a dwarf ‘Mini-Mum’.
How immigrant mums have failed to contribute anything to the nation.
Three items on tautological talent show ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.
TV show presenter Amanda Holden’s new dress.
X Factor girl’s family heartache.
TV show presenter Carol Voorderman’s replacement’s heartache.
TV show presenter Anne Robinson’s heartache.
Daniel Craig grows moustache.
Thank God for liberation.

4 comments on “What Women Want To Read”

  1. Gill Whiteley says:

    Was going to ask who reads this awful rag, but then I realised that I used to work with a lot of them! Makes one ashamed to be female!! Or is that “Femail”?

  2. Helen Martin says:

    If the Thunderer is now useful only for wrapping fish and the Daily Mail is as cited above (!) then what do we read? The Guardian? The Independent? Well, I’ll taste test the various publications during September and see. There are no “women” only people who have all sorts of interests, blah, blah, blah. Say anything to separate oneself from the articles mentioned above. Immigrant mums, by the way, gave up their own countries to give their children to Britain. Hope they’re welcome and that they justify their parents’ sacrifice.

  3. admin says:

    My sentiments exactly, Helen!

  4. David Read says:

    Nice to see Woodward and Bernstein are alive and well.

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