Dullywood Summer Officially Ends

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Was this the dullest summer for Hollywood movies EVER?
Most were aimed at very small children or dim teens. The highly-touted hits like ‘Transformers 2’ and ‘Terminator 4′ barely registered. 3D is proving to be an exhibitors’ marketing gimmick (yet again) and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ has been described as the first movie in which the Nazis are talked to death.
Upcoming films look even worse; on the French Riviera a horrible Disney poster for, of all things, a five-month-early ‘Christmas Carol’, featuring a CGI Jim Carrey in snowy Victorian streets, is being ridiculed by holidaymakers passing on their way to the beach. And Disney Cruises have arrived here in the Med; a gigantic liner with mouse ears on its pink funnels arrived to a massive firework display.
Meanwhile let’s not prejudge, but the less said about the way ‘Avatar’ looks, the better – I can only hope it has a truly brilliant script.
My money’s on the darker flicks, like ‘District 9’ and ‘Shutter Island’. Hopefully I’ll also be back for some of Frightfest 09, which has a great lineup of scares.

2 comments on “Dullywood Summer Officially Ends”

  1. J. Folgard says:

    The news have begun covering previews for “Avatar”, and the journalists as well as the viewers are focusing enthusiastically, exclusively on the technicity -I don’t even know what the story’s about yet..!
    Meanwhile, I just hope the Scrooge movie will at least try & play up the darker side of the story. Dickens’ wonderful “Christmas Carol” works because it deftly mixes Christmas sentimentalism with darker moments & imagery, yet most adaptations have sugar-coated it -like Barrie’s “Peter Pan” or Stevenson’s “Treasure Island”, come to think of it. Could it be those old-fashioned, dusty, innocuous children’s classic stories hold too much bite for today’s so-called “edgy, world-savvy” audiences?

  2. Yu Patzner says:

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