Good News For London


It seems odd to be pleased when a newspaper folds, but not when it’s The London Paper. The bottom-feeding freesheet has been closed down by Rupert Murdoch after losing money, and will no longer be thrust at commuters by purple-clad vendors. Its contents – tiny articles about TV non-celebrities and drunk singers – took about two tube stops to read before the paper was abandoned in trains, filling them with discarded paper. I wrote for them, but they ‘forgot’ to pay me and ‘lost’ some of my columns until I stopped bothering to file them. Hopefully the near-identical London Lite will follow suit down the drain.

One comment on “Good News For London”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    Well, it’s a start. Perhaps, one day, all the red tops will be gone. Or, at least, their content style of non-news. If all papers could write like the Independent or the Guardian, but still have the single page 3 content, that would be awesome!

    Oh dear… that was out loud wasn’t it?

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