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Visitors who stay in my house always leave behind books and sun oil, and there’s always a Dan Brown. The little buggers breed – I have to keep throwing them out. But there has always been a Dan Brown. Recently I read ‘Judas!’ by Peter Van Greenaway, in which the discovery of a Dead Sea Scroll that upends our view of Christianity is used to blackmail the Vatican, until the Church retaliates with murder. It’s terrifically well written and predates Mr Brown’s bestsellers by decades.
Mr Brown’s books are genuine page-turners, and historical accuracy is not essential in the creation of blockbuster fiction if you get the tone right, but I wonder about his reticence to conduct interviews – perhaps he doesn’t like the idea that someone will accuse him of being a bad writer. None of us wants to hear that.
Anyway, publishers are looking for the next Dan Brown, and it could be fun to at least try…

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  1. Ian Payn says:

    I’ve only read a few Van Greenaways, and Judas isn’t, I’m afraid, one of them. What strikes me about him in general is that he writes well, but he tries to cram too many of his interests in, which can be a bit distracting.

    This is minor criticism. Dan Brown, on the other hand…I’ve only read The DaVinci Code, and was struck by how many inaccuracies there were despite the claimed copious research. This, coupled with the breathlessness yet lack of acvtivity of the narrative was a real turn-off. Never tempted to pick up another Dan Brown…

  2. Gill Whiteley says:

    No, me neither. It really has all been done before!

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