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Another rash of articles today about 3D films, largely due to the imminent (well, December) arrival of James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’. Journalists are keen to point out that the ‘new 3D’ uses polarised lenses, although actually they’re not that new – they were used for ‘Andy’s Warhol’s Frankenstein’ back in the seventies. But digitised images mean no more flat layers of foreground and background. Still, no-one is mentioning the biggest problem with 3D right now – that for Home Entertainment (where the biggest sales are made) you still have to fall back on old 1950s-style brain-aching red and green lensed paper specs.
And, from a writer’s perspective, it’s still obvious that story and acting are being sidelined in favour of technology. Nobody minded that ‘Moon’ looked a bit ropey because it was a tale beautifully told. Will audiences care about every last blade of grass being perfect in 3D if the story doesn’t work?

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  1. Steve says:

    CGI certainly doesn’t do it for me. Now, the horrid remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” – an unforgivable trashing of a personal icon – was NOT in 3D. It had all the bells and whistles, but an awful story and worse dialogue. So no, I personally don’t give a damn about perfect blades of grass.

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