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What Women Want: A Bloke With A Big Woofer

What Women Want: A Bloke With A Big Woofer

A new magazine purporting to be aimed at intelligent women seeking erotica has been the subject of cockblocking by its printers. ‘Filament’ launched in the UK with pretty tame coverage of men, and its female readers demanded edgier nudity. But the law is vague concerned states of male arousal in mainstream magazines. Filament attempted a test case by acceding to their readers’ demands, but their printers have refused to put the magazine together.
So it’s OK to fill British newsagents’ shelves with hundreds of magazines featuring naked women on their covers, but outrageous to consider producing one magazine that reverses the trend. Oddly, in this area even gay magazines are allowed more rights than women.

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    My wife wishes to know why you’re posting a photograph of me out the front of our house. She is, of course, exaggerating, as we only have four speakers in our car.

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