Monthly Archives: August 2009

What Women Want To Read

Back to perusing the papers, and as someone who remembers (and marched) on many equality and equal-opportunity protests for women’s rights, I note the main headlines for the ever-more-popular Daily Mail, whose lead Femail stories are: An interview with a dwarf ‘Mini-Mum’. How immigrant mums have failed to contribute anything to the nation. Three items […]

Ben & Mickey

From Thunderer to Fish Wrapper

Send the children out to play and read the following: ‘I felt sexy and empowered in my slinky nightgown. Sauntering over to Bernie, I perched on top of him. I was straddling his legs as I kissed his lips gently. It turned me on that he was secure enough to let a woman take the […]

Dullywood Summer Officially Ends

Was this the dullest summer for Hollywood movies EVER? Most were aimed at very small children or dim teens. The highly-touted hits like ‘Transformers 2’ and ‘Terminator 4′ barely registered. 3D is proving to be an exhibitors’ marketing gimmick (yet again) and ‘Inglourious Basterds’ has been described as the first movie in which the Nazis […]

What The Hell I’m Up To

I’ve been asked to give a few clues about my upcoming books, at least two of which seem to have ‘Hell’ in the title. So here’s what I’m up to. Shortly after Christmas ‘Paperboy’ becomes ‘paperback’, and there’ll certainly be one more Bryant & May, already delivered. But I’ll also be rediscovering my roots with […]

Writers’ Houses

Mary Tribble writes to me pointing out that Edith Wharton lived in Hyeres, so I visited the house, an astonishing cubist building of immense grace and calm, overlooking the city, the sea and the islands beyond. Sadly the gardens don’t seem to be looked after as carefully as they once were. The house only opens […]

Le Weekend

This weekend I am blogging from the rather lovely medieval town of Hyeres, where it’s insanely, brain-fryingly hot. If you’re here too, say hello!

Good News For London

It seems odd to be pleased when a newspaper folds, but not when it’s The London Paper. The bottom-feeding freesheet has been closed down by Rupert Murdoch after losing money, and will no longer be thrust at commuters by purple-clad vendors. Its contents – tiny articles about TV non-celebrities and drunk singers – took about […]

Bryant & May Novel Becomes Toilet Book

Ian Payne sends me this Foyles receipt for his book purchase. I hope it’s not a criticism on behalf of the sales staff!

There’s Always A Dan Brown

Visitors who stay in my house always leave behind books and sun oil, and there’s always a Dan Brown. The little buggers breed – I have to keep throwing them out. But there has always been a Dan Brown. Recently I read ‘Judas!’ by Peter Van Greenaway, in which the discovery of a Dead Sea […]