Thanks Harrogate!

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Having spent the weekend in the genteel no-riff-raff-here Yorkshire town of Harrogate, where the sun was shining, the streets were spotless and a surprising number of people were smiley and jolly, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who made it such fun. It was great to hang out with Jasper Forde, Simon Kernick, Laura Wilson, Lee Child and everyone who made the weekend so easy. Thanks to Betty’s Tea Room I came back five pounds heavier, too.

3 comments on “Thanks Harrogate!”

  1. Terenzio says:

    Theakstons is sponsoring the festival. They make some pretty good beer. Never been to Harrogate, but I have been to York, which I liked and found the countryside beautiful. Great for biking, hiking or just walking about.

  2. I.A.M. says:

    I think the relevant question would be “what’s Harrogate like for sitting inside and listening to someone rabbit on about mystery writing, whilst sipping a pint?”

  3. Terenzio says:

    Depends on who is speaking…I would say from reading a few of Mr. Fowler’s books that he could make the most humdrum topic fun and entertaining. I had a History instructor who was wonderful. I was never bored during his lectures, which was good because it was an early morning class. I am still in favor of a hike, walk or bike ride…of course this depends on how many pints consumed. After spending the day indoors, it’s nice to do something out of doors…especially if the weather is pleasant.

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