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Film Freak No.2 Top Ten Ingenious Films

If there’s one word movies are afflicted with, it’s ‘edgy’. Why does everything have to be edgy? What does it mean; liable to get you thrown in jail? Or just young and a bit sweary? When directors tell me their next movie is going to be really edgy I always assume they’re still trying to […]

Why There’s Nothing In The Newspaper

What happened to the Y2K bug that was going to drop planes from the sky and crash all our computers? Well, it didn’t actually exist. The scare (which created a multi-million pound industry) can be traced back to a single paragraph in a local paper – but nobody checked the truth. Award-winning journalist Nick Davies’ […]

Fall Out!

Please tell me these aren’t faked.

Liveable Cities

London has failed to make the Top 50 – that’s the Top 50 – most liveable cities in the world. At Number One place – as usual – was Vancouver, Canada, which ticked nearly all of the required boxes. The list, annually compiled by a human resources company, uses these categories to assess each city. […]

The London Nobody Knows

Well, a lot of people know it now because ‘The London Nobody Knows’, a documentary released as a B feature in 1967, has been frequently shown on TV, but it’s just been put out as part of a new DVD box set called ‘The London Collection’. It’s a bit of a motley assortment of films, […]


What are they about, then? Creepy things with faces like Victorian dolls and the morals of Balkan gangsters. What do they read? Well, soon they’ll be reading me because I’ve written a horror thriller for them. Provisionally titled ‘The Curse Of Snakes’, it will be published by Andersen Press.

A BFS Nomination!

Blimey! ‘The Victoria Vanishes’ has just been shortlisted for Best Novel by the British Fantasy Society. The BFS is a terrific organisation of readers and fans of fantasy, horror and pretty much all forms of writing that don’t simply conform to the everyday. BTW, they’re always looking to encourage new writers, and hold regular Open […]

Business Meetings

And while we’re on the subject of client/ supplier relationships, here’s what the ever-excellent David Mitchell had to say about the matter…

How the Client/ Supplier Relationship Works

No Wonder His Wife Left Him

This isn’t Star Trek: Voyager, it’s Tony Alleyne’s flat in Leicestershire. It doesn’t have a bed because he thinks they’re ‘overrated’. Tony’s a bit of an SF fan. His flat’s on the market if you’re interested. Go for it, Tony, follow your dream. Anyone who’s different is okay with me.