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This is a short called Samparkour, by Wiland Pinsdorf, revealing the city of Sao Paulo via Parkour. If the sport had existed when I’d written ‘Roofworld’, I would definitely have included it in the book. I sometimes go and watch the kids do it at the South Bank, but this is amazing. Perhaps one day I’ll go back and write a sequel – there would be lots of great new stuff I could include.
This video comes via Paul McAuley and William Gibson – nice one, guys.

4 comments on “Return To Roofworld”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Did you notice that it was sponsored by the city of Sao Paulo? Now that is creative advertising. I loved the steel drum accompaniment. The film froze every few seconds, though, so the continuity was disturbed. (Now I know the basis for a couple of commercials that seemed weird to me at the time. It’s a terrible thing to live in a parallel universe. Perhaps we all do.)

  2. Tim Love says:

    Any chance in the vaults you have a copy of the Roofworld cinema advert, I actually saw that at the time.

    You need to write a roofworld sequel that would be excellent.


  3. I.A.M. says:

    Is there any likelihood of Roofworld either being re-printed on the basis of it being a ‘cult classic’, or as a movie tie-in title due to adaptation to ‘moving picture’ format (of the sort presented in the kinema, apparently)? One can’t seem to do anything but hear about the damned book no matter how hard one tries to locate a copy of the dashed thing.

  4. Mike Cane says:

    Roofworld introduced me to the work of Christopher Fowler. I’ve never been the same since. *twitch twitch*

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