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Right at the beginning of the Bryant & May series, back in the last century, I turned Arthur Bryant into a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, mainly because I’ve always loved G&S, and they’re so deeply unfashionable that it seemed appropriate for Arthur. The problem is that too many horrible amateur productions have been performed; when you get a good one, it’s thrilling. A few years ago I saw a ‘Mikado’ production at Sadler’s Wells that was set on a Victorian mantelpiece, with Japanese figurines coming to life, and it was brilliant. Nobody cares about words anymore, however, so we’ve made them vanish.
In France, Offenbach (the French G&S equivalent) is revered and frequently revived, but G&S is considered too English to be performed here now. I stumbled across this, though, which made me laugh. It sets the lyrics to ‘Baby Got Back’ in Sullivan’s style, with visuals from the excellent film version of ‘Pirates Of Penzance’.

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    WONDERFUL! Were the Great Gentle Men of the Operetta still alive, they might actually approve of this. It’s just as mocking of culture today as they were in their own time. Even the internal rhyming of “get wit’cha and take your picture” is in keeping with their style.

    Although the use of the word “horny” does seem a tad out-of-place.

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