Bryant & May’s Mystery Map

Bryant and May, London

We’re currently building a mystery Google map that will provide a key to many of Bryant & May’s London haunts – it will take some time to put together, and I’ll only do it if there’s sufficient interest. For example, the site below is where John May’s apartment is situated, at Shad Thames. The last time this area was still a functioning spice wharf, it was used in the film ‘The Elephant Man’ – now it’s shops and flats.

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  1. BangBang!! says:

    I’ve never been to this part of London for some reason. Not that I remember anyway. It looks like an interesting place to live. Though you can’t always tell the atmosphere from a photo. Maybe it’s been made a bit twee and Olde Englande. Will have to check it out next time I can afford the trip!

  2. I.A.M. says:

    Having a map for visiting readers to locate things on smart-phones / laptops / etc would be AWESOME!

    Granted, I’m a mystery, geography, and tech geek, so…

  3. Helen Martin says:

    Oh, yes, please. I’ve tried finding places from the books on Google Earth and come pretty close, even to the Coven of St. James’ meeting place, but it would be great to have the results certifiably correct. (So there! to the person who told me to “just read it, don’t research it!”)

  4. Gunnerleigh says:

    That would be FANTASTIC!

  5. Steve says:

    Wonderful idea!

  6. Martin says:

    This would greatly influence my next trip to London. Rather like having a Dashiell Hammett guide to San Francisco.

  7. Mike Cane says:

    Oh god yes!!! When one of these days I finally get to England, I will pull out my iPhone and one of my pilgrimages will be to the B&M locations. Man, do I want to go to Mornington Crescent!!

  8. RobertR says:

    Just be careful Mike – will you be using ‘Trumpington’s Variation’ or ‘Armitage Shanks Charity Bowl’ in order to reach Mornington Crescent? On the day it could mean you’d end up at Cockfosters…

  9. I.A.M. says:

    It’s important to remember that one should never gamble when playing “Mornington Crescent”. Just look at this headline, or even this one! Horrors!

  10. noonski says:

    That would be a great idea! For someone who lives far, far away, in a land known as Colorado, it would be nice to be able to find the sites on a map!

  11. mrforgetful says:

    That is a lovely idea – it would be great to re-read (and in most cases re-listen) to the books and be able to follow Bryant and May’s meanderings.

  12. Stephen Groves says:

    Great idea,of course we are interested.I wouldn’t be surprised if in the none to distant future Byrant and May walks started springing up.

  13. Helen Martin says:

    You mean they haven’t started yet!? There isn’t a Full Dark House tour? (When the house is dark, of course.) Oh come now, all you theatrical entrepreneurs, all you resting actors, speak to your contacts, cut the deals and make your fortunes!

  14. stonemuse says:

    Go for it, I would definitely be interested!

  15. Nora Leary says:

    A B&M Mystery Map would be awesome.

  16. Paul Esp says:

    I agree, it’s a great idea, I often go to various ‘Bryant and May” locations and point then out the my girlfriend who just nods and says “you told me”.

  17. NickyR says:

    I am so excited! I was just searching the web for a Bryant & May walking tour. I will be in London in November – fingers crossed the map is ready by then.

  18. Patricia Epperson says:

    How wonderful! I have just received a street map of 1925 London from an old Gazeteer I found on eBay. Also a recent London A-Z and City Guide. Am listening to “The Victoria Vanishes” and want to locate all the pubs they’re visiting. I had planned to re-listen (I’m an artist and listen while I’m working) and map out the rest of these fantastic books. PLEASE KEEP WRITING. I get so excited when I go to my tiny local library – and there’s another one! I live in Baltimore, MD, USA.

  19. frances says:

    This is a terrific idea. It brings the world of Bryant and May to life.
    I made an entire album based upon A Full Dark House for my first book report to Unusual Suspects, a mystery reading group in Maryland. I collected pictures of The Palace Theater and Waterloo Bridge, as well as pictures of two actors I thought would be excellent choices for B and M if a movie is made.
    I also researched the WW II in England. All this work was great fun for me and very enlightening for my group members. I was hoping to win more followers for B and M. I think I did.
    Having a map that was B and M authentic and pictures of places mentioned in the books would be wonderful. Please, continue.
    Frances in the US

  20. Helen Valentine says:

    Please please do a map-even though Im a Londoner,I would love to see a Bryant and May map,it’s a fantastic idea!

  21. Larry Hembree says:

    Love your Bryant & May stories set in London. We are planning to be in London in July 2010 and were thinking of doing a few walks through London based on locations in the B&M books; seems like great fun and a ” Fowler London Map ” would keep us out of trouble.
    Your readers from Miami,USA.

  22. Luigi Fulk says:

    Blogs RSS feed is not work in my browser (google chrome) how can I fix it?

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