Camden Goes Mod

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An impromptu mod scooter parade through Camden on Saturday reminded me that the town always was, and always will be, the home of Madness rather than Amy Winehouse (whose horse face is emblazoned on the side of a market stall). This coffee stall is typical in what I identify as Camden-Mod style. So I thought I’d load ‘Our House’ for old times’ sake (feat. an impossibly young Suggs)

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    Thank you for this, as it’s stared my day with happy music and positive memory-based lyrics. Plus ‘fun’ and ‘silliness’. Ahhh…

    Oddly, the former Graham McPherson was 21 at the time of that song’s release, although he looks as though he’s young enough to have just made a delivery from the chemist’s on his bicycle. When it was shown in Canada, the video was hailed as being ‘a classic example of British Humour’*, based solely on the fact that it included men wearing printed frocks, or kerchiefs on their heads.

    * though presumably ‘English Humour’ being the intended description, as a joke that wins in the clubs of The City will like as not get you punched in the face around working-class Edinburgh.

  2. Archingtons says:

    Our offices are a minute away from these new sites and it’s nice to walk past this every morning. Camden is full of innovation. We love it.

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