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Over the years, the Bryant & May novels have been nominated for quite a few awards, and have won several – next, they’re up for the Last Laugh Award at Bristol Crimefest (May 14-17), a prestigious international event for all mystery fans that you can find out about here. Meanwhile in the USA, independent mystery bookstores are well represented by the Independent Mystery Booksellers Asociation. Later in the year, the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival (July 24-26) attracts big local audiences. That’s here.

2 comments on “Mysterious Events”

  1. HUNDRED says:

    I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying your Briant and May books.
    I would like to read some of your other, darker looking, books, but I don’t realy know where to start, wondered if you or some of your readers had any reccomendations.

  2. BangBang!! says:

    Just about my all time favourite book is Disturbia. A brilliant plot with the hero running round London trying to solve some devious riddles. I won’t give the plot away obviously but you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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