The Punch & Judy Fellowship


Recently we had comments on this site about the Mr Punch church service that takes place in Covent Garden. Well, the fellowship of Punch & Judy has its own website, and you can learn more here. It seems wonderfully appropriate that a group of people dedicated to this…

…have as their chairman the very wonderful and rather frightening Mr Ken Dodd…

…who, even when I was a small child, looked like this.

It’s the kind of face I thought McCauly Culkin would get stuck with after making ‘Home Alone’. Apparently Mr Dodd has the auditorium doors locked once he’s on stage, and has been known to continue his act for up to four hours.
Unlike Punch & Judy, which is fifteen minutes (inc. baby death and crocodile attack)

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    One must put Mr. Dodd on a list, and a Punch & Judy show on another list. No prises for which goes on “must see” and which goes on “must run from as quickly as possible”.

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