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In a gesture of Easter magnanimity I’ve decided that, for a limited time only, anyone who wants to can have make a short film from one of my stories FOR FREE. All you have to do is tell me which story you want to film, take it, adapt it, do whatever you like with it, and send me a copy when it’s done. Any money you make from it will be entirely yours.
You must choose a story from any one of my published anthologies (there are well over a hundred tales to choose from). You will have the right to film it as a short – any further rights will need to be negotiated (ie it becomes a huge success and you decide to produce a range of toys based on the characters!)

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    If anyone creates a series of character toys from “The Luxury of Harm” (published in Postscripts, #10; Spring 2007; PS Publishing), then at least one set of the figures would be bought by this Canadian. At least one of them would be easy to produce: an oblong of thin, flat, sand-covered plastic, denoting the place where the friend of long-ago is now located.

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