What Do Bryant & May Look Like?

Bryant and May

Thanks and a tip of the trilby go to Keith Page, who is a graphic artist with a great portfolio. Keith seems to enjoy illustrating scenes from the Bryant & May mysteries. A couple of his latest pieces are from ‘Full Dark House’. The first is from a conversation Bryant has on the steps of the British Museum about dumping a cat called Rothschild on a friend, and the second is from the rather melodramatic ending of the book. We all have ideas of how characters look in our heads, so it’s always fascinating to see what others make of them. Not sure why Bryant’s wearing his tie on his head but I guess it’s in the book!

2 comments on “What Do Bryant & May Look Like?”

  1. keith page says:

    yep- see page 381!

  2. frances says:

    I picture Bryant as Dustin Hoffman.
    May is Kevin Kline.

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