Bryant & May Return In Two-Book Deal

Bryant and May

Coming this summer, ageing detectives Bryant & May are out on the London streets solving a murder that’s tied to the secrets of London property, but they’ll be back the following year in ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’, investigating a bizarre death that occurs on the oldest underground system in the world. Expect strange goings-on after the last tube has passed…

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    Fantastic to hear that there will not only be one more B&M, but TWO! Let loose the doves & commence the celebratory dancing!

    Does the rhyme in the top image actually suggest that the Tube is cheaper than a bus, and therefore the London Transport Company is in heated competition with itself? How odd.

    And where do you keep finding these bizarre photos of London? Are they from some vast collection in a secret chamber in The City?

  2. Mike Cane says:

    OMG! This is such grand news. Keep putting them out so I maintain the will to live!!

    I’m going to start on The Victoria Vanishes tomorrow. My B&M fix has been too long waiting!

  3. Gunnerleigh says:

    Wonderful news! Keep ’em coming and long live Bryant and May.

  4. JohnnyK says:

    Two new books of my favorite curmudgeons…

    …though What about the Deptford Demon…???

  5. paul stephenson says:

    Dear Christopher,
    I wrote to you a while back about the wonderful audio version of 77 clocks and you kindly replied.
    I was absolutely delighted to hear there will be still more Bryant and May novels as I’ve stopped reading them as I didn’t want to finish them and have nothing to look forward to ( I don’t mean that literally-I’m not that sad!!!)
    Since moving to australia it’s tough to get hold of a lot of books (prices here are absolutely bonkers) but that’s the joy of amazon-cheaper to get them sent than to buy them from the shop down the road!!!
    Anyway good luck with all your stuff and I look forwad to getting lost in the magical under world of london while in the down underworld.


  6. Helen Valentine says:

    I’m absolutely over the moon that my two favourite detectives and all the rest of the gang aren’t being consigned to history! They’re like old friends now and I love all the London history too. Just reading Bryant and May on the loose and loving it!! Thank you Chris for another wonderful read and I was delighted to find my own area of London mentioned in this tale
    Helen London N4

  7. we’re so proud of you.

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