Hunting Lions In London


There are so many books about London that collecting them is not only an expensive hobby, but likely to push you out of your home – you’ll be needing an aircraft hangar if you’re planning to start collecting them. Rootling about in my London collection tonight, I came across this gem of a book. Inside are photographs and histories of all the lions of London, of which there are thousands (or at least there were when it was published. A cursory exploration suggests that more than half have gone). But once you start spotting them, you can’t stop…

4 comments on “Hunting Lions In London”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    Perhaps it’s time for a book about books about London…?

  2. S, Higgins says:

    Or time for a Bryant and May plot with statues or monuments? Christopher, you’re creative enough to put some quirky spins on that!

  3. Terrence says:

    Another fun book on London. I have been reading, A Lust for Window Sills. You mentioned this book a while ago, I am totally enjoying it and thought the “Dating Tips” a nice touch. I noticed a photo of St. Pancras from Mrs. Wilberforce’s house and realized that street must have been leveled when The British Library was built. Am I correct? I realize the house and the tracks behind it were probably fake and filmed at Ealing Studios, but it looked like the street that ran into St. Pancras was real.

  4. Terrence says:

    It seems I was looking at St. Pancras from the wrong angle. The street they used in the film must be Argyle Street, south of St. Pancras. Standing in the middle of Argyle Street the clock tower would be directly in front of you just like in the film. Originally I thought the street was west of St. Pancras where The British Library now stands, but that is not possible because the clock tower is on the eastside of the building, not on the westside of the building.

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