London’s Ugliest Buildings


Lest anyone who hasn’t visited London thinks the city is filled with wonderful architecture, take a look at Nicholas Grimshaw’s Sainsbury building in Camden. Incredibly, this is the glamourous side; the back looks like a run-down concentration camp, and is now faced by ‘luxury apartments’ whose buyers will have wonderful views of the corrugated steel and chicken wire rear entrance. This is the architectural equivalent of German funeral music.

Walk past this and you'll long for the release of death

Walk past this and you'll long for the release of death

3 comments on “London’s Ugliest Buildings”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    The bottom does have a resemblance to the construction of the market stalls of old, which may be what they were going for in look.

    However, the rest of it ends up in the entire thing being rammed full of wrongness.

  2. Kate Rich says:

    Talking about the Sainsbury’s at Camden Town – Was that you I saw walking up Camden High St last friday lunchtime at about 1pm …or do you have a doppleganger?

  3. admin says:

    A clone I suspect. I dot them around London and we keep in radio contact to mess with people’s heads.

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