Happy Christmas!

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Back in the 1980s (and again in the 90s) I did some marketing work on Richard Williams’ unfinished masterpiece ‘The Thief And The Cobbler’, probably the greatest animated film never to see the light of day in its intended form.
The problem was that the film – based on Persian miniatures and the writings of Sufi philosopher Mullah Nasruddin – was an insanely intensive labour of love that predated CGI, and was eventually overtaken by it. The version I worked on had Vincent Price, Kenneth Williams and Eartha Kitt among its voice talents. The existing 43 minutes were expanded and eventually cobbled together in a terrible mash-up version from Miramax, who destroyed the remaining interest in it. Take a look at the footage for a glimpse of what might have been…Happy Christmas!

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  1. Stephen Groves says:

    Chris ,
    Glad you had a good holiday,Just wanted to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.

    see you at the next signing

    steve the stalker

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