Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Covers That Didn’t Make It

I was turning out a cupboard yesterday and found throwing out old artwork from my days in film marketing. Each time I’d written a new book, friends in our studio created a cover for it. This is one for my collection ‘Demonised’, designed by Simon Moore, the art director who created this site. That’s him […]

Tea Break!

Right, let’s have a nice cup of tea. Just follow these six impossible-to-remember steps, explained by a twitchy-eyed mad hypnotist-type tea expert from 1941 and some ladies who say ‘orf’ a lot – just as well they don’t get onto different types of biscuits, we’d be here all night.

The Pubs That Vanish

In the back of my novel ‘The Victoria Vanishes’ I list all the pubs mentioned in the story. A number of these are under threat from property developers, and some have already disappeared. You can see how many others we’ve lost by looking for corners like this one, now a private residence, on Wharfdale Road, […]

London In The Details

  A wall of hot type names former buildings on a York Way site. After a decade of concrete and glass, and the loss of London’s quirky alleyways, could the city be rediscovering detail in its architecture? Here are three examples from within a hundred metre triangle of King’s Cross. Small steps, perhaps, but much […]

When The Paperboy Calls

Just a reminder that you’ll find excerpts of my forthcoming memoir ‘Paperboy’ on the top right of your screen. The books is currently being proofed and readers’ copies will be available around Christmas. The first photoshoot we’ve done for it pertains to my peculiar obsession with Lois Lane. Typical that I should have collected the […]

A Rare Glimpse Of London

This was footage found in Australia, showing London life in 1904 – it’s slightly too fast, but one of the best clips I’ve ever seen about ordinary Londoners. Watch out for the train in the end shot, crossing Fleet Street. 

Those Crazy Folks At Amazon

  In my inbox this morning: Dear Customer, We’ve noticed that customers who have purchased The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover have also purchased Winky’s Horse on DVD.  Obvious, really, to link a neo-Jacobean revenge drama in which naked lovers are locked in a truck filled with rotting meat before one of them is cooked […]

Go Here…

The British Fantasy Society is hosting its annual Christmas party on December the 5th in a Fleet Street pub. You can mingle with authors, publishers, readers and win prizes – check it out under ‘Events’ here  

Hear Here…

If you’d like to hear me discussing crime and inspirations for ‘The Victoria Vanishes’, go here: The Victoria Vanishes Audio Interview

Watch Here…

I’ve always let students make short films from my stories, because I love to see what they come up with, but I’ve never been very good at pointing out where you can find these filmed versions. Hopefully, I’l be able to put this right, starting here. About a dozen different shorts are currently floating about the […]