Unexpected London 2


There are more than seven and a half million people living in London.

I live just under a mile and a half from Piccadilly Circus.

This was the scene across the road from my home at 9:00am this morning.

This is for the couple I met on Saturday night who complained they would never live in London because it was ‘too crazy and full of people’.

2 comments on “Unexpected London 2”

  1. Gill Hawes says:

    Hi Christopher,

    I love the picture of ‘crazy busy’ London! I just wanted to say how much I have loved your books, particularly your early books like Roofworld and Spanky etc. I live in SE London and have always always loved being a city girl. Nothing beats the feeling I get, as I travel over the Thames by train and see the Houses of Parliment etc. I wanted to say that when I read your books set in London, you made me open my eyes. Many years later, I still look up and about to find the odd bits of architecture in the city. Sometimes I even expect to see people on the roof and gargoyles all around.

    I also read somewhere that some of your books have gone into film production…is that true? I can totally see Psychoville being a great film!

    Anyhow, just wanted to say how much I’ve loved your books!


  2. James says:

    That photo reminds me of a narrowboat holiday I took through the Black Country this summer. I saw more herons along the Dudley No 2 canal than in one of Bill Oddie’s wet dreams. Most of us don’t know the half of what we share our cities with, which is why your novels come as such a revelation. Cheers.

    Plus, of course, ditto on all the sentiments above.


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