Monthly Archives: November 2008

Paperboy Lists

I know it’s a guy-thing to endlessly adjust lists of favourite or hated films/books/football teams, but one of the things I’ve done in my upcoming memoir ‘Paperboy’ is to include lots of lists. One is a list of words I read in hearty kids’ adventure novels but didn’t quite understand at the age of ten: […]

Time For A Song

Fantastic Plastic Machine has been around a long time. He’s a J-Pop artist with a retro sound that mixes uplifting lounge and soundtracks, and his videos always follow a simple idea, like this little charmer.

My Favourite Tube Station

I blew them up in it, then moved them out, but it’s still a great little building. Now elderly detectives Arthur Bryant & John May are leaving their offices above Mornington Crescent tube station (pictured below) as the unit is closed down for good…but where will they go? For the benefit of overseas readers, I […]

Time For Your Check-Up

I’m blogging a lot at the moment because a/ I’m stuck on a plot point for the next Bryant & May, and b/ my partner and I will shortly be heading to India, and we’ll be gone for almost three weeks, during which time I won’t be blogging often (I work on a MacBook Air […]

Why The Inland Lighthouse Will Remain A Mystery

Last night I walked past Dick Whittington’s stone in Archway – the milestone, irretrievably tied in with its panto image of boy and cat, is framed inside a wrought-iron fence – and thought about the icons we pass every day that have no historical significance. One of these is the King’s Cross lighthouse, now sadly […]

Life Is Short

It’s a classic, I know, and now six years old, but I watched it again and realised it’s one of the few TV commercials I really love (although I had to watch it again to remember what the product was).

London’s Weirdest Shops

Well, it wouldn’t be so weird in another time or place (Cornwall, the 1920s?) but every time I pass it I ask myself; what the HELL is a really old-fashioned ship’s chandler’s doing just behind Tottenham Court Road? I mean, it’s bloody miles from the sea, and who in London’s West End needs to buy […]

Why Dark Mysteries Are Popular

I knew it all along. There had to be a reason why we’re attracted to tales of violence. It turns out that the oldest genetically identifiable nuclear family met a violent death, according to analysis of remains from 4,600-year-old burials in Germany. Researchers reckon that the broken bones of these stone age people (mum, dad, […]

Spot The Mistake Answer

Okay, time for the answer, as I’m still getting emails asking what is wrong with the picture – the artist put Bryant’s pipe in May’s hand – May doesn’t smoke. The artwork had to be repainted.

The Covers That Didn’t Make It

I was turning out a cupboard yesterday and found throwing out old artwork from my days in film marketing. Each time I’d written a new book, friends in our studio created a cover for it. This is one for my collection ‘Demonised’, designed by Simon Moore, the art director who created this site. That’s him […]