Revealed – The Next Bryant & May Book

Bryant and May

Bryant & May are set to return next year in:

‘Bryant & May On The Loose’


In Which Mr Bryant Hunts A Monster. And Mr May Digs Up Something Ugly.

Plot outline: Londoners are losing their heads. In rush-hour King’s Cross, one of the busiest crossing points in Britain, finding a murderer would be a nightmare for any force. But when a decapitated body is found in a shop freezer, London’s Peculiar Crimes Unit is not summoned – because the unit has been disbanded, and the elderly detectives have no access to evidence that can help them find a killer. The situation worsens with the appearance of a second headless body.

And something is disturbing the area’s property developers. Half-man, half-beast, the figure appears at night on building sites in the mystical image of a forgotten legend. The detectives uncover the Pagan secrets of the historic streets and start to discern a pattern. But the sinister solution will lead them to the heart of the city’s oldest mystery…who really owns the London landscape? As they get close to the truth, Bryant & May make a very bad enemy indeed.

Everyone’s favourite elderly detectives are back, out of the system and on the loose, searching for body parts, behaving disgracefully and exposing London’s most closely guarded secret – a secret kept by the ground upon which the city itself is built…

5 comments on “Revealed – The Next Bryant & May Book”

  1. Gill Whiteley says:

    So glad we are getting another Bryant and May goody! Really enjoyed The Victoria Vanishes and hope the intrepid duo go on and on. Will eagerly await the next installment!

  2. Sarah says:

    Fantastic news – especially as I had been putting off reading ‘The Victoria Vanishes’ because it was The Last One!

  3. Sam Tomaino says:

    Looking forward to this! I’ve just “discovered” the series from the article in Black Static (which I review short fiction from for I ripped right through all the books, even getting a UK edition of Victoria Vanishes.

    I like the way there’s always a throwaway clue and have started looking for them. Found it in the last one but didn’t figure everything out.

    Like Bryant & May and their supporting cast. Hope we see them in this next book, too.

  4. tony dure says:

    I Loved the Bryant & May collection as you stated a collection of 6 book and that’s that. Now we are told yet another edition due out soon how far are you going to take this? is the new extended collection going to see May pushing Bryant around in a wheelchair? conducting their investigations via dail-a-ride!

    let the wonderful Bryant and May fade away into blissful
    retirment as it due their merit, if you wish to expand
    you could develop the younger pupils along their own mysterious cases

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