Unexpected London


Two views of the same place. Try and guess where they are. The answer is below.

The first is Battlebridge Basin, King’s Cross. The second is just behind St Pancras International station. Both are a five minute walk from the commuter chaos of Euston Road, and both are so quiet you can only hear birdsong. Sometimes I forget that even on its most miserable days, there’s something to love in London.

One comment on “Unexpected London”

  1. helen durant says:

    that is so interesting. I do wonder if you also do London Blue Badge Tour Guides (or, heaven forfend). I am sure you mentioned these places in On The Loose, the changes in the wasteland ,and Boudicca., the old myths., where they are building now at Kings Cross, so I wonder if the poor birds are still there in that present maelstrom.

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