Monthly Archives: October 2008

End Of The World Isn’t Very Interesting

  The Tate Modern is currently having an apocalypse. I’d tell you who the artist is, but their messy website isn’t easy to decipher. You’re in a shelter full of pristine yellow and blue bunk beds. Each one has an SF book on it, and there are End Of The World clips running, and the […]

Latest Additions…

You’ll find new ‘Forgotten Authors’ top right, and another new chapter from ‘Paperboy’.

Competition Results!

Well, it’s nearly Hallowe’en, so let’s call the competition closed and take a look at those ‘Missing Case’ competition entries… You all came up with cases that Bryant & May would be proud to investigate, but in first place it has to be Maureen Stanton’s The Belles of Westminster, a Peculiar Crime with a smart fifties […]

Mike Leigh’s Buildings

  This hard-to-find block of flats is the last of the row that appeared in Mike Leigh’s hilarious film ‘High Hopes’. It’s tucked behind the German Gymnasium next to St Pancras, and doesn’t look long for this world. Below is a pub in Finsbury that deserves to be in a Mike Leigh film – a […]

Revealed – The Next Bryant & May Book

Bryant & May are set to return next year in: ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’   In Which Mr Bryant Hunts A Monster. And Mr May Digs Up Something Ugly. Plot outline: Londoners are losing their heads. In rush-hour King’s Cross, one of the busiest crossing points in Britain, finding a murderer would be a nightmare for […]

Unexpected London

Two views of the same place. Try and guess where they are. The answer is below. The first is Battlebridge Basin, King’s Cross. The second is just behind St Pancras International station. Both are a five minute walk from the commuter chaos of Euston Road, and both are so quiet you can only hear birdsong. […]

Got A Spare £5 Million?

Then you could buy the tunnels that run underneath Holborn Kingsway! It seems a bit steep for a place with no windows. After being used to store trams and providing wartime shelter, they’re finally being flogged off. Is it my imagination, or do they look as if they were created by the legendary Ken Adam, […]

The Weird World Of The Tube Olympics

 For much of the first Bryant & May mystery series, my elderly detectives worked on the first floor of Mornington Crescent tube station. What they may not have known was that since 1960, people have been attempting the break the world record for visiting all 273 tube stations in one go. The earliest record was […]

When A Man Is Tired Of London…

  …he needs to look at Jason Hawkes’ beautiful night photographs. If you like this, there are another eighteen beautiful big shots at the URL – sorry, you have to cut and paste it. The pictures are posted on the website of the Boston Globe. As a matter of interest, anyone who buys into the […]

Less violence, more violins in King’s Cross

London’s new centre for music and the visual arts opened this weekend with an amazing 100 concerts in 5 days. At just £4.50 for an introductory ticket it brought concert-going within reach of everyone. It also holds restaurants and bars, and is the future home of the Guardian and Observer newspapers. This shot looks photoshopped […]