Hear Bryant & May now…

Bryant and May

‘The Victoria Vanishes’ is making an appearance unabridged (hurrah!) on audio books now (CDs) A nifty new cover, and the ever excellent Tim Goodman reading to you while you’re tucked up in the warm, watching the rain course down the windows in this typical British summer.


Bryant & May encounter giant phone box

Bryant & May encounter giant phone box

These audio books are ideal to listen to while doing the ironing or simply siting there with a cup of tea, wondering how someone as frightening as Sarah Palin got to be Sen. John McCain’s running mate…(and while we’re on that subject, have you noticed how the mooseburger-eating book-banning rifle-toting former beauty queen’s eyes follow you round the room?)


Warm smile, cold dead eyes of a serial killer

Warm smile, cold dead eyes of a serial killer

6 comments on “Hear Bryant & May now…”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    But how do you really feel about the ‘quick, find me a woman as a running mate; any woman; well, living is better’ selection of Ms Palin? Don’t hold back now…

  2. Josephine Sherwood says:

    Minding my business on a lazy Sunday night, reading my favorite author’s website when I came across your Palin comments….I haven’t laughed that hard since seeing my friend’s face after eating Marmite for the first time. Absofuckinglutely brilliant!!!! Now I love you even more!!!! This American thinks you are a star. Think she can be worked into a future Bryant & May book?

  3. Absolutely loving the audio of The Victoria Vanishes. Makes my day/week/month when I find out that there’s a new one out. I adore Tim Goodman’s interpretation. Working in a library I’m able to foist these audio books on unsuspecting borrowers and tell them that they’re in for a treat.

  4. Maggie says:

    Please tell me the origin of the names of Bryant and May.


  5. calmacleod says:

    Origin of the names of Bryant and May? UK company that made matches – possibly still do.

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