The Happiest Place In England


Apparently it’s Powys in Wales. It topped the list of 273 districts in Great Britain. People here are the cheeriest in the country. Which suggests that the concept of happiness, to most people, is not being near anyone else. I suggest that the research data is flawed, as one of the key signs of being content with where you live is not going anywhere else for five years. Perhaps the people of Powys are merely still waiting for their branch line to be reconnected, or a bus, or something.


3 comments on “The Happiest Place In England”

  1. Adele says:

    there are times where happiness does indeed seem to be, being far from everybody. However, a good book, a duvet, a glass of wine and the company of cats is also a good definition.

  2. David Read says:

    I am not convinced, myself along my wife and som had a great week in wales, we actually had a game called spot the happy person whilst driving from place to place.

    This game only happened as we were astonished at the lack of cheery people.

  3. Nick says:

    Since when has Wales been in England?

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