Bryant & May Casting Now Closed!

Bryant and May

The team at Clerkenwell Films who are developing Bryant & May for television have come up with some firm choices on casting, although they have been monitoring everyone’s casting thoughts in these pages. I can’t share the final choices yet as the series will have to win a commission first, but some of your ideas have been inspired – not to mention deranged.

Quite a few unavailable actors (death providing the ultimate conflict of availability, although their agents would probably try to claim otherwise), several who have not graced the pages of Spotlight in thirty years or so, and of course the danger of casting older names on a long-term project – well, you know how that goes.

But thanks one and all for the ideas – many of which matched my own. Give yourselves a big hand. Onward!

4 comments on “Bryant & May Casting Now Closed!”

  1. Martin says:

    Will you be making a cameo appearance in the production?

  2. admin says:

    I shall probably make a guest appearance as Jaded Old Reprobate Hanging Around Outside Sweetshop or Welsh Pensioner In Strange Hat.

  3. Mike Cane says:

    You could be standing there with a cellphone and have Bryant ask you how the damned thing works.

    Or he could just tell you to shut up the loud talking!

  4. A A A says:

    Too late! Too late to suggest Peter O’Toole for Bryant.
    But maybe he will be??? O’Toole will live on and on. No reason to disqualify because of age. Discrimination!

    Hope I live to see the series since it usually takes years for the DVD’s to reach the USA.

    So,I will be content with the books and be very grateful for whatever inspired you to bring Bryant and May to life for me and other devoted fans.

    A most gracious thank You!

    (Mind has speak, spake, spoken.)

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