Old And New London


I seem to write a lot about old London, but I love modernity in cities just as much. Each time you log onto this site you’ll see a different image from the city, but here’s one I just took of an art installation near the Festival Hall.


Festival Hall

Festival Hall

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  1. Elissa Seagale says:

    Have just read the last Bryant and May – surely not the last! Found howling mistake on page 198… bottom paragraph. Is it a mistake or not…. “Jane Bryant (May surely?) appeared not to have heard. She pulled his (her!) cardigan a little more tightly over a long pleated skirt.

    Apart from that, well thanks for many happy hours of Bryant & May reading. And thank you for bringing alive to me the part of London where I grew up – Barbican/ St.Pauls.. etc. Congratulations…

  2. crocus says:

    I really love to try it out. This is something new

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